Email Marketing

Building a new email marketing campaign requires a few steps and if used efficiently can be a great way to generate leads and increase your marketing ROI. Its all about reaching your target market and increasing customer retention through brand awareness. With a well-executed strategy, we can strengthen those existing customer relationships.

Audience Building

Email is an effective communication channel, but it greatly depends on the quality and size of the list you have built. A continuously expanding list is needed to grow your business. We target potential customers and give them the opportunity to provide their contact information to find out more about your product or service. It’s vital to keep your list fresh and up-to-date so you can continue to manage and grow your audience.

Designing a Strategy

Segmentation is key to delivering targeted messages with highly relevant content. Hence, splitting your email list into more targeted groups can help you design a strategy that directly relates to what your audience wants. We can help with creation of custom-made templates, newsletters, and other creative and compelling emails. Our responsive emails are desktop, tablet and mobile compatible.

Test & Optimize Campaigns

Track, Test, Optimize & Refine is the process we take to ensure that every campaign is living up to its full potential. We can track your success over time and perform A/B testing to get the most out of your campaigns. Each campaign is set up to meet policy standards. And with email reporting, we can gain new insights to optimize and refine emails for your audience.